2nd November 2019

On behalf of We are Family we have produced a variety of stands for Facebook and Instagram this year. Working with a range of materials we are able to produce bespoke pieces in our fabrication workshop.

(1) Infinity photo wall – Wooden base frame with printed magnetic panels

(2) Ribbon photo wall – Wooden frame with printed hanging display fabric

(3) Interactive wall – Wooden frame wrapped with black vinyl with acrylic box holder and wooden pins.

(4) Instagram shelving unit – Metal frame powder coated white with reverse printed acrylic shelves and signage.

(5) Wedge stand displays / floating frame – Profile cut Kappa printed panels with wooden wedges / Wooden frame with floating Foamex graphic.

(6) Wooden A-frame stands – Ply frame with brass hinges and chains, wooden ledge for Foamex graphic.