With all the products we use, we are striving to be a PVC-free company, it’s our aim to be able to replace all of our product lists with a viable, great quality eco-alternative product.


Wall & Backdrop Graphics

Our PVC Free Wall and Backdrop Graphics offer the best of both worlds – eco-friendly and lightweight, yet robust and with excellent opacity for vibrant, attention-grabbing displays.  Ideal for large-scale graphics in retail, corporate, and many other settings.



Our PVC Free Banner offer all the durability and flexibility you need to display with confidence, indoors or outside.  Mesh and blockout versions help you create impactful outdoor displays with 100% recyclable PVC-free material, made from PET, it is ideal for any outdoor application.


Pop Up Display

Our PVC Free Pop Up Display materials offers a sustainable alternative to other products, without compromising on performance or aesthetic.  These can be used to create everything from dramatic wall displays in retail and hospitality environments to freestanding totems and backdrops for trade shows and exhibitions.


Self Adhesive Vinyl

Our PVC Free Self Adhesive Vinyls for internal and external solutions.  These are products that offer an environmentally friendly alternative in which the adhesive is solvent free.  A product that has less impact on the environment during its manufacturing process, available as a blockout, semi permanent and permanent.