9th March 2018

Roland SOLJET PRO4 XR640 Printer 

Having one of the fastest printers on the market enables us to provide super speedy printing. The printers efficiency will almost half the production time of print projects!

As well as boosting productivity, the SOLJET also produces the highest quality prints, meeting standards we pride ourselves on.

The Roland’s white ink feature ups the quality of prints on materials such as metallic vinyl, acrylics or window vinyl.

The CMYK inks are designed to be printed onto a white background only. Printing directly onto a coloured background, such as black Foamex, could risk diffused colour quality.

With the white ink feature that our new Roland has, we’re now able to print white ink and then lay the CMYK inks over top. This ensures that perfect colour balance is produced.

The SOLJET XR640’s white ink feature allows the printing of white ink on the reverse of window vinyls.

The Roland SOLJET PRO4 XR640 is a great addition to our expanding amount of machinery and technology.