18th February 2020



Concept Foundry Living Walls are self-sufficient, sustainable vertical gardens that can be installed both internally and externally. Our walls can be mobile, free-standing or wall mounted and provide stunning and unique temporary displays for an event or exhibition as well as a permanent fixture within your company or workspace.
Branded Living Walls for Events
•   Full Survey and Installation provided
•   Installed within a few hours
•   Bespoke Lighting options
•   Suitable for long and short term lease
•   Branded with company Logo
•   Customised Edging / Framing options
•   Free standing options
The Benefits of a Living Wall
•   Bespoke design options from the wall route actual plant choice
•   Improved health and wellbeing in the home and workplace by the
     absorption of toxic chemical and reoxygenation of spaces
•   Increased productivity, concentration, alertness and motivation
•   Air purification – Improving health and wellbeing, reducing illness
     and stress
•   Acoustic and insulation benefits
•   Improved aesthetics and building function
Please get in touch with our production team for any Living Wall enquiries